Case Results: Auto Accidents

Mesa, AZ personal injury attorney Gary A. Porter talks about a case he was a part of where he represented a client who was injured in a car accident and lost vital limbs.

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There’s one that happened several years ago where an older lady had made a left-hand turn in front of my client through an intersection and the impact was such that it caused his truck to roll. It was in the fall time where the weather was beautiful. He had his windows down and he had one of his arms outside of that window and when that truck rolled it did ___ his entire arm and hand. That was really devastating to that client as he used his hands, he was a construction mechanic. A blue-collar guy that needed all of his faculties and his limbs to be able to work in his profession. He was a very pleasant client to work with. We prepared that case very well and were able to recover a substantial settlement for him for those terrible injuries that he suffered.