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This compilation video features established attorneys Gary A. Porter, Matt Riggs, Wes Wright and Robert Greer as they talk about the benefits and uniqueness of working with them at their firm.

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We have a firm that offers services to a wide variety of consumers. Probably our main focus is personal injury, auto accidents, things of that nature. We have attorneys who practice in family law, criminal defense, bankruptcy, and personal injury. As well as some wills and trusts, estate planning as well.

One of the words that I would say that makes us different is accessibility. We are completely accessible to our clients. The other has to do with honesty and integrity and that goes to the way this firm was founded. It was founded on the principle that I didn’t even want to be an attorney after my second year of law school until meeting with a friend and he suggested that if I started my own practice I could be as honest and ethical as I want to be. And quickly our firm became an AV rated law firm and that means that we are rated by our peers as being the very best in the way we handle cases. The A is for competency and the V is for very professional and very ethical. And so, we are both the top in competency and the top in ethics and that’s what differentiates us from other firms.

I think the best way to answer that is to give an example. We had a case recently what appeared initially to be a run of the mill, red car, blue car accident case that we see all the time. As we got into the case and as the client continued to get their medical treatment, we quickly realized that there were some medical issues that were not normal. And the client ended up needing three separate surgeries and incurred thousands, tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills. But what makes this case interesting is that this happened over the course of three years. And so, sometimes I think people come in and maybe it’s because the way we are today everything’s so instant they want a resolution as quickly as possible, they want to close this chapter of their life ‘cause it’s not fun to think about. It wasn’t a fun experience and they want to move on.

Well, I recall this client coming in and saying that after his first procedure. He said, “You know, I really just want to be done with this let’s close the file, get what money we can, and let’s move on.” And I remember talking to him saying, “Let’s be patient. You’re not all healed up yet let’s just see where this goes. Let’s make sure that you are as close to or at pre-accident condition with your health before we move on with this.” And it took some convincing because this client wanted to close this chapter and move on.

It made all the difference in the world in his case because after that first surgery he had some more complications and he needed two more procedures. Well what was likely going to be a case worth oh, I don’t know $40,000.00 or $50,000.00 fast forward another two years ended up being a case worth over $300,000.00. Sometimes I think there are firms that would not try to convince their client to be patient and make sure that all the treatment is done before they try and wrap something up for whatever reason.

One thing I think we pride ourselves on is that we’re not in a rush. Let’s make sure all our I’s are dotted, all our T’s are crossed so that when we do get to the time of settlement or time of negotiating a settlement, we’ve covered everything. We don’t want to miss anything. It’s just not worth it. And this is a great example, that case is a great example of why.

You know, traditionally you go on recommendations of friends, people who’ve had good experience and our firm generally takes referrals more than anything else. The experience of an attorney is something that laypeople usually don’t know so I always recommend to my clients to ask an attorney that they know and trust for the name of someone who works in an area in which they’re looking for help. That’s the best way.

Alternatively, there are a number of organizations who are selective about who gets to join them. Trial lawyers, for example, are members of certain organizations by invitation where they’re interviewed and reviewed by their peers and by judges that’s also a good source. The Arizona State Bar has a website where you can search for an attorney by specialty. They have certified specialists in the state that’s also another good way.

But it really comes down to how you feel about the individual. Just because you go see a lawyer doesn’t mean you have to hire them. The idea is to sit down with her and talk and get to know who they are and what their philosophy is and what they can do for you. And then, make the decision once you’ve walked away.