What’s the most rewarding aspect of your practice?

Mesa, AZ family law attorney Paul C. Riggs talks about his love for working with families going through a divorce and how he helps them get through the most difficult time of their lives.

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I like to help people and that is a natural thing for me. And I do family law and as a result of that people come with real troubles. They’re worried about what’s going to happen to them. They’re worried about where they’re going to be in the future. They’re worried about all kinds of things, where their kids are going to be, if they’re going to be able to afford to live, all these kinds of things. And it’s not fun for them but I enjoy the process of helping them through that dilemma. I help good people in real difficult circumstances and I love helping people get to the point of realizing they can make it on their own. And it’s rewarding to see that they do as well as they do and come out of it as well as they can despite the fact that they’re fighting for something that’s so precious to them and so important to them.