What’s your experience as a lawyer?

Mesa, AZ family law attorney Paul C. Riggs talks about working with families and dealing with parents going through hard divorces.

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I’ve been practicing since 1988 so I’ve had 30 years of practice and so, I’ve done different fields of practice over the years but I’ve been doing family law for the last 25 years. I had business background in undergrad, law school, I do understand all the factors, all the things that deal with a family law matter. With regard to real estate, I understand the issues of a business if it’s going to be sold or it’s going to be bought from one spouse to the other. How to do with evaluations.

I understand the dilemma of children. Children and legal decision making is always a difficult task. Parents are always fighting and in that regard it’s difficult for them to understand that they’re a separate being and really what’s best interest is what’s the end for the kid’s best interest may not always be the choice of the parent. But I always represent a parent, obviously, and so, we’re dealing with those issues and helping them come to an understanding and recognition of what’s best for them and helping them reach that resolution in their own mind.