Why is it so important to communicate your plan to your heirs?

Phoenix, AZ estate planning attorney Chikk Myers talks about why it’s important to explain what’s included in a will or estate plan to the heirs.

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I think it’s important to communicate your estate plan to your heirs so they can appreciate what you’ve set up and how it works if something should happen to you. And that isn’t necessarily just death it could be easily incapacity or some health issues. Is there a healthcare power of attorney in existence? Who have you identified to be the healthcare agent? What if there are financial issues can someone step in if you become incapacitated.

So if they’re not familiar with these type of instruments then they are not inclined to understand what’s going on and there’s a certain fear that’s associated with that and discomfort. And I also can appreciate that the heirs are not inclined to ask about it because they may feel like they’re being greedy or don’t have the correct motives. I encourage my clients to share it with their children so their children do understand and have a grasp and so it’s a more seamless transition when something does happen.