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This introduction video features estate planning attorney Chikk Myers as he discusses the types of areas of law he practices as well as what it’s like to work with him at his firm.

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I’d like to believe that we’ve got a high level of both communication and compassion. A big part of it is counseling clients because we run into a lot of situations where someone has lost a loved one and they come in and they’re in grief and we certainly can relate to that ‘cause we’ve been doing this for over 40 years or I’ve been doing it over 40 years. You have to be careful about how you move forward with them and understand the pain that they’re going through.

The firm focuses its practice on several areas: estate planning, estate and trust administration, business planning, business succession planning, business contracts, premarital agreements, primarily in those areas. Some real estate but that’s also generally associated with our estate planning and our estate and trust administration.

When I was back in law school, I dated a woman who worked for the state bar and she said the biggest complaint they had was lawyers not timely getting back to clients or anybody making an inquiry. And I pride myself on promptly getting back to people about not only their calls but their work product.