Restraining Orders in Divorce: What types of restraining orders are typically issued in divorce cases?

Dallas, TX family law attorney, Paula Lock Smyth talks about the various restraining orders typically issued in divorce cases.

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Well, now we don’t use temporary restraining orders quite as often as we used to. Most counties in Texas have adopted a standing order that takes the place of the need for a temporary restraining order in most divorce and family law cases. Tarrant County is the exception so if we have a case in Tarrant County, which I often do, we usually do still need temporary restraining orders. I tell clients to think of them as a stay in a bankruptcy it’s basically telling people to play fair, don’t do anything outrageous, don’t’ run off with the money, don’t take the kids to Tahiti and never come back things like that. And so those standing orders accomplish that in most divorce cases now.