Modifications of Custody Agreements: Under what circumstances might a court allow a child conservatorship agreement to be modified?

Dallas, TX family law attorney, Paula Lock Smyth talks about the circumstances a court would allow a child conservatorship agreement to be modified.

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First of all, there has to be a material and substantial change in circumstances. That can mean many different things. Usually the court will look at the child’s circumstances or the other parent who does not already have primary conservatorship. Let me say this, the parent or the party who is bringing the modification case they don’t care as much about their change in circumstances as they do the other parties. Because, I mean let’s just face it, I could say well, I’m remarried now and that’s enough of a change to go back in and modify. And the courts are real hesitant to just look at one single thing. Obviously, if there’s abuse, if there’s child neglect, any of those things the court is going to get involved and involved immediately that would be a situation where we would often get a temporary restraining order.