Collaborative Divorce in Texas: What is the collaborative divorce process like?

Dallas, TX family law attorney, Paula Lock Smyth talks about the collaborative divorce process as it applies to Texas law.

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The collaborative divorce process is wonderful. It’s so much better for people to employ the collaborative approach in their divorce if they have the ability to do so. First of all, we start out with each client, so each spouse usually in a divorce having their own attorney. And the four people set up a series of meetings when we get together and talk about the issues that are involved and brainstorm solutions. It’s a much more civilized approach to divorce. It’s also a team approach. We often get a mental health expert involved and a financial expert involved who become part of the team and help problem solve for the clients involved. The best part really is that the control stays in the client’s hands and is not delegated to a judge or even a mediator who really don’t know anything about their situation. They keep a better level of control over things.