Does Title IX protect students from retaliation?

New York sex abuse victim attorney, James Marsh, discusses Title IX initiatives in the context of campus sexual assault.

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Title IX also protects students from retaliation. And retaliation can take many different forms everything from overt acts aimed at individual students to more subtle kinds of behaviors that are targeting students based on their participation in a Title IX proceeding. So whether you’re an individual that’s filed the complaint, is a victim of sexual harassment or sexual assault, or whether you’re a witness or somebody else who’s participating in the investigatory and the judicatory process Title IX protects you from retaliation. And if you are retaliated through any means whether it’s, like I said, overt or covert or direct or indirect, the university or educational institution has an obligation to not only protect from retaliation but also to make sure that when retaliation does happen that those individuals who are identified participating in retaliation can also receive disciplinary measures and sanctions.