What if I’m an adult and I just now realize that I was abused as a child or I am now ready to hold my assailant responsible for what was done to me?

New York sex abuse victim attorney, James Marsh, explains what a victim of child sex abuse, who is now an adult, should to do pursue legal action against the perpetrators.

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The one common thing that we’ve found with child sexual abuse is that it often takes many years, sometimes decades for individual victims and survivors to begin to cope with and even acknowledge that they have experienced child sexual abuse. Unfortunately, in the legal system this has become a real problem because of statutes of limitation, which can be very short. Fortunately, there’s been a lot of sensitivity around this issue in the last decade but still statutes of limitation are the main barrier to victims achieving any kind of justice. So if you’re somebody who has discovered or realized that what you experienced in your childhood was indeed child sexual abuse the best thing that you can do is to take action as soon as you can because the passage of time can really inhibit and limit your ability to seek justice.