Why is it important to hire a criminal defense lawyer when facing a parallel proceeding?

New York white collar criminal defense attorney, Priya Chaudhry,¬†explains why you need to hire a criminal defense attorney if you’re facing civil charges as well as criminal.

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In a criminal proceeding there is always the criminal aspect and in the civil aspect whether it’s the SEC or the stock exchange or FINRA that’s bringing the second charge there is a proceeding that has discovery with it, which means they’re going to be setting subpoena’s or going to be making demands for evidence and information. And if there isn’t a criminal lawyer watching both and sort of managing both there are lots of things that could come out in the parallel proceeding that could really harm you in the criminal case. Because every statement you make whether it’s in front of the criminal court or in front of an SEC panel can be used against you in the criminal court. So all the strategy and all the decision making and all the information really needs to be spearheaded by a criminal lawyer who’s aware of the consequences of what happens in these other proceedings on the one that’s the most important, the one in which you can lose your liberty.