What types of narcotics violations do you most commonly see in your practice?

New York white collar criminal defense attorney, Priya Chaudhry, reflects on the different kinds of charges she defends related to narcotics.

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My practice is a federal criminal defense practice, which means I deal with violations of federal law that are brought by the US government and which means the agents are FBI agents, the prosecutors are United States attorneys. Most narcotics violations that are in the federal jurisdiction are much bigger narcotics cases because they have to cross state lines for the feds to have jurisdiction. So the type of drug deal that happens on the street doesn’t usually show up in federal court. So a lot of the narcotics violations I deal with are everything from cross-country, drugs coming from California to New York or often international, drugs coming from California to Mexico.

Often I deal with international drug cases also. There’s terrorism cases and narco terrorism cases and I’ve represented people in both. And narco terrorism cases are where usually an international group like the ______ in Columbia are terrorists by the US definition and they’re using a narcotics trade to fund their terrorism. I deal with those types of cases.