What is the biggest challenge as an attorney on a high-profile narcotics violation case?

New York white collar criminal defense attorney, Priya Chaudhry, discusses the challenges that attorneys face when litigating narcotics cases with lots of media exposure.

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In federal law, the types of cases that are narcotics that become high profile are either because the quantity is so sensational or someone involved is very sensational. So for example, I had a dirty cop I represented in federal court in Brooklyn. He was part of this huge drug ring, they were committing robberies they were robbing drug dealers and they were taking those drugs and then they were selling them themselves.

Part of the problem with that case is it was so high profile. It was in The Post it was on the cover of The Post, it was in the paper all the time that the public was really watching. And the public was watching the judge and this wasn’t the kind of case where the judge could give someone a compassionate lower sentence. Everyone was watching what he was going to do and he really wanted to make an example. And so that is always the problem with a high profile narcotics case is the public starts watching.