What is the most rewarding aspect of your practice?

New York white collar criminal defense attorney, Aaron Mysliwiec, discusses why he likes practicing law.

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Both myself and Florian Miedel, who’s my partner, really enjoy representing clients. Those might be businesses, small businesses, or individuals and frequently they’re individuals. But we like getting to know our clients and we recognize that most of our clients are facing one of the most serious crisis that they’ve ever faced in their life. Frequently our clients are facing criminal charges or they’re facing investigations that could result in criminal charges. They’re under enormous stress. Their families are under enormous stress. They are concerned about their finances, their liberty, what’s going to happen to their family, and it’s a very special thing to be another person in the room and sometimes the only person in that client’s corner who’s advocating on their behalf. Sometimes our clients are fortunate enough to have the support of family and friends and colleagues, other times; they have no one except us. And it’s just a real privilege to be able to do work on behalf of clients when they’re facing those kinds of urgent circumstances.