Tell us about how you represent cities and municipalities in battles against the major professional sports leagues

New York antitrust and sports law attorney Jeffrey Kessler of Winston & Strawn explains how he has represented cities and municipalities in litigation against professional sports leagues.

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We’ll represent all companies and businesses in cities who have issues in this industry and we have represented cities and municipalities, I can tell you about one. We represented the City of Oakland in Alameda County when they had their battle to keep the Oakland Raiders from trying to move back to Los Angeles after the team had already moved once to Los Angeles and come back to Oakland. And we were eventually successful in getting a summary judgment that the team had to stay in the city which had raised a great deal of funds to help put that new stadium to be renovated to create the value for the team it was very important they not be allowed to just flee. We represented the City of San Diego a number of years ago when they had issues regarding their NFL team and where they’d end up. So this is another part of our practice that we will try to help people with.