Jeffrey Kessler on why he joined Winston & Strawn in 2012, and brought 75 lawyers and support staff with him

New York antitrust and sports law attorney Jeffrey Kessler of Winston & Strawn shares why he joined the firm.

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It’s very interesting. The previous firm we were in actually developed financial troubles having nothing to do with us, but they did, and it eventually went into bankruptcy so we had to move a group of 70 lawyers all together. We were very, very connected to each other; our clients depended on us to keep going without interruption. So we interviewed 15 firms we spoke to, cut down it down to eight, then to four, and made this decision within eight days, so it was quite a process. But we came to Winston because it was a great litigation firm, which perfectly complemented our litigation practice. It had terrific lawyers and it embodied a philosophy of teamwork and camaraderie and client service that really fit into what we wanted to do. And it was very, very attractive to us and we couldn’t have been happier with that decision. It’s been fantastic.