Football-related brain injury lawsuits are attracting a lot of headlines. Will football survive as America's favorite past time?

New York antitrust and sports law attorney Jeffrey Kessler of Winston & Strawn explains why football will stay popular despite all the news about concussions.

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I think football’s going to survive. I think the focus today upon player health and safety is extremely important. I know my client, the NFL PA, the union for the players is very, very focused on this and they want to make sure that the league and the teams keep in putting in new protocols, do more research, and do everything they can to make the game as safe as it possibly can be. And what’s going to happen is that those advances should then translate down to college and to the high schools and to the Pop Warner leagues so that we have a safer sport for everybody. But this is a very serious problem and it’s one that the players take quite seriously.