What advice do you have for young lawyers who hope to practice in your area of law?

New York real estate attorney Robert Ivanhoe of Greenberg Traurig gives some tips for young lawyers who want to practice real estate.

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Well, it’s very important to learn the craft of being a lawyer, and there are really no shortcuts to that. There are just so many aspects of things you have to do as a real estate lawyer, and you have to work hard and be a perfectionist and really learn your craft, but, that’s the price of admission. That’s really the first step. After that I think it’s very important to understand the business underlying what your client is doing and understand the real estate business.

I think for a lawyer one of the reasons for my success is, I have a good handle on the business side of the real estate business. I think that’s very helpful and then to be a good communicator, to understand your client and what their needs are and what their goals are and then be able to turn that into action and make that all come to reality.