What’s the most important advice you have for clients going through divorce?

New York, NY divorce attorney, Ken Jewell gives strong advice for clients seeking a divorce.

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The one thing that I always want clients to keep in mind as we move forward through the divorce process is whether or not something really is worth fighting over or whether or not it is something that can be negotiated out. Or even give it up during the process just to enable you to move on.

In my world, from where I stand, I’m very happy to fight for my client over anything that they want. But the question always becomes, is it an endless that produces nothing but frustration and great cost to my client that creates a dissatisfaction not only over the divorce process, but with life in general as they proceed to move on.

So I ask clients to always consider the balance between, “What are we fighting for?” and whether or not it is really important over something like that. Because I’m happy to fight for it, but the question is, “Will it get you the result that you want?”