In these uncertain times, should I be hesitant to jump in and begin divorce proceedings?

New York, NY divorce attorney, Ken Jewell talks about how to act in these uncertain times regarding divorce proceedings.

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The question you have to ask in terms of the current climate is, does the current climate really affect you personally on a day to day level? Clearly, we are living in changing times, times of uncertainties. But will those uncertainties affect the outcome of your divorce and your ability to make up for the assets and the spousal support that may be paid out as a result of the divorce?

Answer, really no. There’s an old saying that local affairs or political affairs affect people more closely than national affairs, yet we pay more attention to the national affairs. The local affairs are what really address you more. And yes, we have issues now that none of us really like to have to deal with or want to be hearing about. But at the end of the day are they really going to affect us and how this is all going to work out?

At the end of the day we all survive and we all are able to move on and adapt to the changing circumstances.