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Watch this brief introduction video to Jewell Law, PLLC featuring New York, NY divorce attorney, Ken Jewell, as he discusses the services his firm offers and the benefits of seeking counsel at a prestige firm such as his.

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The experience that we want clients to have is to feel that the difficult issues that they have resolved in our office are not going to come back and be reopened at some point again in the future, that there is finality and closure.

We’re a matrimonial and family law firm. We handle everything ranging from divorce, child custody, child support, property distribution; we do post judgment work as well as prenups and post nuptial agreements.

One should look for educational experience, in other words, not only a do the law school, which does and does not matter but in terms of the kind of training they’ve had. If you’re looking for a collaborative attorney or a mediation attorney, have they had the requisite training for a collaboration or mediation?