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Meet Evan Schein, matrimonial and family law attorney of Berkman Bottger Newman & Rodd in this brief introduction video.

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In the practice of family law, you need to know about every other area of the law. You need to know about real estate, you need to know about financial issues, tax issues, criminal issues. There is so many other areas of the law.

In this job, in this profession you are helping people going through a very difficult and challenging time in their life. When a client comes into my office I try to put a plan in place, a short term plan and a long term plan.. Seeing that plan carry through and receiving that phone call, receiving that e-mail from a client not only when their case is completed but years after. Years down the road when I have that phone call, when I get that e-mail and seeing or hearing from a client that things are okay and that they’re happy and that I was right and they’re in a better place and a different place.

I enjoy everything sports related. I enjoy watching sports, going to sports events. I also do what’s called high intensity training and run a lot so in my free time those are the things that you can find me doing.

You need to truly care about your clients and about the work that you’re doing. I think the second attribute that I think is incredibly important is I think you need to listen to your client. Listening to their goals and what they want to accomplish and put a plan and put a strategy in place that carries out a clients stated goals.