Why did you choose to be a family law attorney?

New York matrimonial attorney Evan Schein of Berkman Bottger Newman & Rodd talks about why he decided to go into law, specifically family law.

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I chose to become a family law attorney for two primary reasons. The first is that I truly love to help people and in this profession, that’s what you do. You help people who are going through a very challenging time in their lives. And the second reason is that in the practice of family law you need to know about every other area of the law. You need to know about real estate, you need to know about financial issues, tax issues, criminal issues. There is so many other areas of the law that you need to know to become a successful matrimonial attorney.

And the other thing that I love about this practice it allows you to draw upon using common sense, emotional intelligence, other things that you can use in this practice.