What types of legal issues are you currently seeing in your litigation practice against large corporations?

New York commercial litigation attorney, Jonathan Harris, reflects on the challenges of litigating against large, compartmentalized corporations.

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The thing everybody always thinks about is that when you litigate against a large company that the hardest thing is that they’re going to try to wear you down with their litigation tactics or something like that and that’s really not the biggest problem, you’re not going to wear us down.

The biggest problem is getting a corporation to get its arms around its own conduct in the case. And corporations have distributive responsibility, the issue might involve many people in different offices or different people at different level and so you start working with the in house counsel. You say, “Hey, this is what we think happened here. If you don’t think this is what happened here, you let us know and we’re happy to talk to you about it.”

And then you start dealing with the outside counsel and maybe you have to file an action. And then maybe you come to a meeting, a mediation, or a deposition with the players involved. And you try to convey to them hey, this is what we think happened here. There’s a problem here can you take ownership of this so we can deal with it? And we find that is the biggest problem and the most complex thing in dealing with these large corporations.