What types of clients do you most often advise with regard to employment matters?

New York commercial litigation attorney, Jonathan Harris, shares what types of employers he typically advises on their employment law needs.

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The clients we represent most frequently in employment matters are founders of company’s who in success have found themselves cut out. And these are entrepreneur’s that help start a company and then as the company is successful maybe other people in the management team or the other cofounder decides that they’re not needed any more in the company and they cut them out and they try to take their value in the company. And you know what; sometimes these people are entrepreneurs and they just want to move on and sometimes these folks say, “Hey, I should be vindicated. I helped build this company I shouldn’t be treated like that, all right.”

And so we’re doing a case right now there’s a company called Compass here in New York, which recently money an $800 million valuation. We have a case pending in New York State court for one of the people who helped found this company and has been cut out. And we’re going to get a chance to tell the jury about how our client helped form that company and we look forward to that.