What is the top employment law question that companies need to know and what is your answer?

New York commercial litigation attorney, Jonathan Harris, discusses what all employers need to know.

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It’s interesting. Here’s what companies always forget to understand and we usually represent founders and employees and executives not companies. And here’s the thing companies forget is that how you treat people on the way out the door is the single most important thing. So a company takes a long-term employee, someone who’s worked there 10, 15 years or 3, 4 years. They’ve worked nights; they’ve worked weekends being at that company has been hugely important to them. They tell all their friends and their family that there’s where they work. And they love it and it’s a big part of their life.

And then for whatever reason maybe a good reason maybe a bad reason maybe business isn’t that good that company decides that that person should no longer be part of that company. Then the single biggest mistake companies make is they go do something like they escort that person out of the office like they’re a criminal or something like that instead of treating them with respect and valuing the contributions they made to the company.

And if you treat people with respect and dignity on the way out the door, you will slash your problems, you’ll have better relationships, you’ll have better relationships with your existing employees, you’ll have better relationships with your past employees, and you’re going to have a lot better karma.