USDOJ v. President of Taiwan: What strategies helped you resolve this forfeiture action case successfully?

New York commercial litigation attorney, Jonathan Harris, discusses how he assisted the family of a former President of Taiwan against the United States Government.

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Well, it was interesting because one of the interesting things in the case is that the money which had been paid was paid in cash in Taiwan in a shoebox. And so in order for the US government to have any ability to prosecute the case in the US they needed to be able to trace the asset in the US to the cash in Taiwan. And usually the government does this, usually the money goes by wire or check or this type or the other thing and in this case it was a shoebox of cash in Taiwan.

And so we took the position and we just go look, you cannot trace a shoebox of cash in Taiwan good purpose or bad purpose. And by the way, we think it was perfectly appropriate under Taiwanese laws for this money to be paid and received. But you cannot possibly trace a shoebox of money in Taiwan to an apartment in New York City. And the government goes to us that’s your argument that because it was put in a shoebox we can’t win the case? And we go that’s correct. That’s our argument and you can’t win the case.