Jonathan Harris on the $21 million jury verdict in federal court for the Learning Annex

New York commercial litigation attorney, Jonathan Harris, tells how he achieved a $21 million jury verdict in federal court for the Learning Annex litigation.

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It’s a terrific case. So we brought in to try that case. We were representing Bill Zanker and Learning Annex and for those of you who are from New York pre internet day you would have seen the Learning Annex kiosks all over the city with their newspapers and their classes. And Bill Zanker and the Learning Annex got cut out of a very large business deal where the other folks involved made over $50 million each. And we sued to vindicate Bill Zanker’s role in forming that business. We had our first trial in front of Judge Scheindlin in New York, a federal judge in New York. We won almost $20 million. Judge Scheindlin thought we had gotten too much money and so she ordered a retrial on damages but kept the liability.

The defendant Rich ______ went out and hired Paul Weiss to do the retrial. The jury was out 45 minutes and sent back a note saying can we give you more money than you have asked for? And so on the retrial we got more money than we had gotten on the original trial. And when Paul Weiss when back to Judge Scheindlin and said, “Hey judge, we think that verdict was too much again,” she said, “Yeah, not so much that was your second try,” and let the verdict stand.