Do you have any advice to younger lawyers building a litigation practice with regard to what worked for you in the Learning Annex case?

New York commercial litigation attorney, Jonathan Harris, reflects on the Learning Annex case, and lessons he learned that young lawyers should know.

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So the most important thing when you’re trying a case or working on a case like Learning Annex in Learning Annex we had a client with a good story to tell. The client had done everything right. They had been betrayed by people the trusted. And you have to kind of screen out a lot of the noise at trial. People always want to object, they want to do this thing, they’re worried about this motion, they’re worried about that motion. When you have a great case like the Learning Annex, what you want to do is screen out all the noise and just make sure the jury hears your story. Make sure the jury hears your client, make sure the jury understands what happened and then just put your trust in the jury and that’s the biggest lesson.