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What is Commercial Litigation?

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Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is any sort of litigation involving business or financial institutions that are abusing the law.

Lawsuits Against Big Banks and Wall Street

Bringing a case against an international financial institution is like bringing a case against anyone else. Typically it’s a testament cases. Somebody got cheated out of money, somebody got promised something and they didn’t get it, or somebody got betrayed.

Oftentimes the plaintiff got mistreated. They got cheated by a large financial institution they got promised something and they weren’t paid it.

Lawsuits Against Large Corporations

Corporations will try to bury plaintiff’s attorneys in paperwork and wear them down with extending the case. However, most aggressive plaintiff’s attorneys will not relent to this issue.

The biggest problem is getting a corporation to get its arms around its own conduct in the case. And corporations have distributive responsibility, the issue might involve many people in different offices or different people at different level and so you start working with the in house counsel, outside counsel, and others. The challenge of lawsuits against large corporations are the complex nature of the companies.

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