What advice do you have for law students and young lawyers who want to be appellate advocates?

New York appellate attorney Joshua Rosenkranz of Orrick shares some thoughts for law students that want to work in appellate legal practice.

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So the first piece of advice is don’t follow my career path. I don’t think I could ever have predicted that I would end up where I am now, starting out as a public interest lawyer. The main advice I give to junior lawyers is think about a three-year horizon. Don’t think about what you’re gonna be doing in 20 years or 25 years, unless you are absolutely sure you know what it’s gonna be. But do what you think you are going to most enjoy, will be most fulfilled by, and will teach you the most as a lawyer – and so here we’re talking about as a litigator. That’s the advice that I followed. It’s advice no one actually gave me, but I just thought to myself, “Life is too short and I want to have fun doing whatever I do and learn a lot.” And so that’s how my career path seemingly meandered the way it did.