What would you recommend to young associates working in business sale or purchase transactions?

New Jersey business transactions attorney, Harold I. Steinbach, shares some words of wisdom for young associates hoping to work in business sale/purchase transactions.

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I guess its stuff, I would say, the young associates in general. You need to be extremely organized, you need to take notes on everything, you need to come in with a pad or electronic device ready to go. You need to – I like to tell people to be – you should be the most organized person and the most knowledgeable person at each meeting. You should understand every word in an agreement. If there’s something you don’t understand you need to get an explanation of it either on your own time or from someone. You need to talk to your boss to find out who you’re reporting to at the company. You need to be careful who you cc’ing versus bcc. Don’t hesitate to get advice and if you need to do some general reading on your own, there’s a lot of material out there.