What is your experience in business and corporate transactions?

New Jersey business transactions attorney, Harold I. Steinbach, reflects on his experience as a lawyer.

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I am starting to hate to admit how long I’ve been doing it, but I’ve been practicing since 1981. And the bulk of it I spent about 18 years at Kleinberg, Kaplan, Wolff, and Cohen in New York in the corporate department. I was a partner there for a dozen years. I headed the department for a few years. And for a dozen years, I’ve had my own law firm. And during all this time, my main interest was purchase and sale of businesses, so I’ve literally done hundreds from very large ones, all kinds of varieties, employee stock option plans. I like doing the transactions. I like getting to know a business very well from either side. I like being the trusted advisor on what a business’s most important transaction. These deals are almost always positive. There are jobs that are coming from it and we’re employing a lot of people and I feel that I’m a part of the more productive part of the business world rather than suing or tearing things down, I think I’m helping people build things up.