What is the most rewarding aspect of your business law practice?

New Jersey business transactions attorney, Harold I. Steinbach, discusses why he enjoys being a problem solver and helper for businesses.

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When I’m representing the seller, they’re very often older people. They built a business sometimes the kids they don’t want the business and it’s very satisfying to let somebody realize the fruits of their lifelong labor, to give them advice. When you’re on the buyer side, you’re with somebody generally a more startup company, somebody that’s growing. They’re in the phase where they’re building and it’s just very exciting to be part of the team. And this is, I think, one of the areas where lawyers still are respected and we’re not treated as commodities because so much of what I’m giving is three decades worth of advice and things I’ve seen. I’ve also owned my own businesses with some clients in recent years and it’s just made me that much more practical. And I like working with business people in an upbeat setting, although tense at times, at the end of the day, both sides should come out pleased with the results.