What is your unique philosophy that sets your law firm apart from other solo practice family law firms?

Stillwater family law attorney, Matt Ludt, discusses his approach to family law cases.

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As part of my counseling of clients in giving them legal advice, one of the other things I’m aware of from my many years of practice is the fact that the manner in which clients handle their case now, whether it’s sorting out custody with their ex-boyfriend or divorcing their wife, those clients are serving as role models for their children. The children shouldn’t be involved right now. They shouldn’t know about these adult matters that shouldn’t be – they shouldn’t – their parents shouldn’t be talking to them about it now even if they’re in their teens. But, in time, those children, whether they’re 3 or 13 or whatever are gonna be 23 and 33 and 43, and the story will have gotten back to them, either their parents talking to them as adult on adult or their extended family telling them about how their parents’ divorce went or how their custody battle went, and that’s going to inform them later on as to how to handle their own relationship difficulties, or when relationships are over, how to maturely go about things. So, they don’t realize they’re serving as role models now, and we don’t want them demonstrably serving as role models now.

But, the way they handle it will influence their children in their adult issues later on, and so we know this. We know that judges know this. We want our clients to stay on the high road and act honorably so that it not only serves their current needs by appeasing the judge and realizing that we’re not, one, slinging mud, but rather we’ve stayed on the high road, and that’s how we get them what they need now and how we get them what they need in the future as well, by having them serve as good role models.