Tell us about your past work or educational experience and how that helped prepare you for your current work.

St. Paul, MN product liability attorney Krista Pezewski dives into her background and how it has prepared her for her current position.

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After high school, I enlisted with the Minnesota Army National Guard and I served in the military during my time in college and then in law school. So after my one all year, my first year of law school, I was applied in Kuwait for a year and then was able to finish law school. And I think any time you’re in a military sort of experience, you learn dedication and hard work and confidence and leadership, which are all really helpful, obviously, for your professional career, but I think the most helpful experience was the fact that I worked with a lot of different people from very diverse backgrounds with really different upbringings. And in the military, you’re forced to not only work with them, but oftentimes live with them, and so you really get to know a lot of people. And I think that perspective has given me a better way to communicate with people. And in our work, it’s just so important to be able to adapt and communicate with clients and with the court and judges and you negotiate with opposing counsel, so I think that’s gonna be a really different perspective than some others.