What do you need in order to work on large data sets?

St. Paul, MN Director of Litigation Support, Chris Iijima, talks about what you should need when working on large data sets.

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There are particular things that you need to be able to work on large datasets and millions of documents. If you just give a million documents to somebody and say read through these and find what’s important in there they’re not going to get very far and it’s going to take them a very long time, so you need some different things to help you with that. And experience, of course, is always a key player in that and there’s different types of experience. You know lawyer have experience strategizing the cases, working with clients, presenting at trial. Project managers have experience asking the right questions to determine what needs to happen in a project to foresee and predict risk and mitigate that risk with different tools.

And then you have process improvement people like Six Sigma where they look at processes that are going on and try to find ways to make them more efficient by eliminating wasted time or wasted energy to lower cost and get better product out and better services. And finally, you have the technology piece. With technology that’s the way you get through the million documents. It has to be there. It runs throughout everything but there’s tool to help you run searches up front to limit the number of documents you’re collecting. There’s technology to look at the documents you collect and determine what types of documents they are, what are the subjects of the documents. Look at documents coded by a lead attorney saying these are privileged documents, find me all the other ones that might be privileged and pull those together so your reviewers can get to those first leaving some of the less important ones for later.