What are some e-discovery trends to watch?

St. Paul, MN Director of Litigation Support, Chris Iijima, talks about certain e-discovery trends he sees.

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Every year there’s a big trend. Right now, the big trend is artificial intelligence and I went to a seminar that had a very interesting information about computers playing a Japanese game called Go, which is sort of like chess but with infinite possibilities. And it’s something that at the end of 2015 computers could not beat a human master at. Five months later, the computer could beat them pretty much every time and this is because cognitive computing as a science had developed rapidly. And that’s going to carry over to the legal field where we’re talking about millions of documents and being able to pick out the important ones quickly and cost effectively in a way that before only dozens or hundreds of human reviewers could do over the course of months. Now computers may be able to do in a course of hours or minutes and have similar results.