What are the benefits of being trained as a lawyer, e-discovery tech person, project manager, and process improvement?

St. Paul, MN Director of Litigation Support, Chris Iijima, talks about benefits of his specific position.

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One of the main things and maybe the first thing that comes out of any attorney I talk to here about what do you see my role as it’s not I need a technical person to process documents. The first thing I hear from each attorney is you have legal experience. Because you’re an attorney, as you look at a document you may be imaging he document for later use but you’re checking the quality as it pertains to showing it at trial or showing it at a hearing or showing it at a deposition. And you’re thinking about how do we number these documents so they’re easy to identify at trial. So they’re looking to me to have the technical experience and the legal experience to give them what they’re going to need down the road.

From a project management standpoint, people want to accomplish certain tasks but they don’t necessarily know all of the variables. An attorney might know that they need certain documents to be reviewed and produced but not necessarily know all the steps and technical parts of doing that. And so as a project manager and process improvement person you’re able to look at the feasibility when they ask for something and say okay, what are my time requirements, what kind of resources do I need, what kind of technical tools am I going to use, what has to happen to meet their end objective? And then give them feedback. If that’s not feasible then you have to offer some alternatives. Maybe instead of delivering everything at once you can do it on a rolling basis. Maybe instead of doing everything in color you can do certain things in black and white to save time. So you look at all the aspects of it and are able to provide what they need but dealing with issues, they may not otherwise perceive.