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This brief introduction video features criminal defense attorney Robert Ambrose as he talks about his favorite part of being a lawyer, scholarly writings he’s accomplished and other various topics of his profession and enjoyment of the job.

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Sometimes the most rewarding part, I feel, when I’m a lawyer is when you bring some client to tears of joy. You give them a second chance in their case and in their life when you help keep them out of prison, help keep them from becoming a felon. And they thank you. They send you cards. 

One of the earliest mentors I had was when I was in law school. His name is Joe Beckman. He’s a civil litigator and does some transactional law stuff right now. And I think he really taught me that you really have to dedicate yourself to the practice of law.

So I’ve written two law review articles. One when I was a law student, about the personal conduct policy in the NFL, something I never thought would be published, but it was. And then when I was a lawyer, or became a lawyer, and I had done some work in Hennepin County’s Veterans Court, representing some clients in that problem-solving court, I thought it would be a good idea to write another one in regards to veterans with traumatic brain injuries and diagnosed with CTE and some of the issues that the VA has had in trying to get care for our veterans. 

So some of the most rewarding cases for me are expungements. These are cases where people are trying to get their criminal record cleared, and it’s something proactive they’re doing, compared to oftentimes in the law we’re reactive. So, people maybe have a one mistake in their past, and it’s kind of been haunting them and they really want a second chance. So being able to get that cleared off their record and see how happy they are, if that’s successful, can be incredibly rewarding.