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Meet Saint Paul, MN criminal defense attorney Deborah Ellis in this brief introduction video.

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I feel like the courtroom is unscripted drama and I love being there and just watching what’s going – even if it’s not my case I think courtrooms are fascinating.

Well, I think that my interest in criminal law began when I was probably still in elementary school and that was I was maybe in sixth grade when the T. Eugene Thompson murder case was happening in St. Paul. And that was in my neighborhood and T. Eugene Thompson was a criminal defense lawyer who was prosecuted for hiring somebody else to kill his wife. So I read the newspaper and at that time, St. Paul had morning and afternoon newspaper, I read every article on that case, followed like it was a novel. I knew the names of W. C. Anderson, he was the murderer, Norman Mastrian was the middleman and T. Eugene Thompson and all of the other characters. So I really followed that closely.

When I got to work for Doug, I learned so much I mean he’s a master, his closing arguments are unsurpassed. When he would give a closing argument, the courtroom would just fill up with spectators. They would be from the prosecutor’s office. Everyone would try and come and listen to Doug. So he was a fierce advocate really a big fighter and I learned a lot from him.