What level of service can clients expect from the firm?

St. Paul, MN criminal defense attorney Deborah Ellis talks about the level of service clients can expect from her firm.

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I think we give our best effort in every single case. And every case is different what I really like about this area of practice is strategizing and figuring out how to get the best result for a particular client. And clients come in really with different expectations and needs. I mean some people come in and they want and need to go to trial and that’s what we do we go to trial a lot. But other people come in and they’re under investigation and the goal is to hopefully not have charges brought. Some people come in and the main thing is they need to save their job and if we strategies or come up with a solution that would keep their job that’s the outcome that they want. And then there are cases where we can negotiate such that nothing ever appears on their record, it gets expunged, there are just a lot of varieties, and so I think we really look to see what is this particular client trying to accomplish. I mean sometimes it’s just a matter of okay, I mean I made a mistake I did something wrong but I can’t afford to do any jail time, I need to avoid prison and what can I do. So those are great things.