Deborah’s Experience in Defending Assault and Battery Charges

St. Paul, MN criminal defense attorney Deborah Ellis talks about her main experience in defending assault and battery charges.

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I’ve handled a lot of assault cases, I’ve handled a lot of criminal sexual conduct cases, and I find them all very interesting. Although I say I don’t do any family law once you get into the domestic assaults and the criminal sexual conduct with the abuse charges there’s a lot of interesting dynamics of the people. And there’s often a motive and to fabricate there’s reasons that people might report something as a sexual assault that really was consensual but maybe some regret in the next day or so. It’s like maybe I really didn’t want to be involved in that. So I find them interesting they are really kind of specialty areas of cases because of evidentiary matters. And those cases like criminal sexual conduct or sexual assaults the statue of limitations is very long so you can try a case or be charged, a person can be charged with a sexual assault for something that maybe is alleged to have happened six, seven years ago. So there’s a lot of digging to do for those as to what happened in between and what happened back then.