How Jeff’s Background Prepared Him for His Work as a Lawyer

St. Paul, MN commercial litigation attorney Jeff Abrahamson dives into his background and how it has prepared him to be the lawyer he is today.

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Well I grew up on a small dairy farm in central Minnesota and part of that was, of course, we were doing all kinds of construction work, we were doing virtually everything on the farm whether it’s building buildings, whether it’s fixing fences, whether it’s repairing tractors or equipment we were always doing something with our hands. And a lot of my practice has involved either some type of construction or mechanical aspect. I do a lot of construction defect cases. I do construction accident cases. I also do a lot of mechanical related cases. I’ve done a lot of work in the transportation industry and specifically the railroad industry. And when I’ve done that work, many times I’m usually the one who handles the mechanical cases if there is such as a derailment case, if there is a defect in the rail or something like that that’s usually a case that I handle. I’ve handled cases where there were actually locomotives that had explosions or fires, things like that.

I also handle a lot of construction defect cases as well. Sometimes in regard to construction accidents such as potentially a construction piece of equipment tipping over, malfunctioning. And a lot of the background growing up on the farm working with those types of things in the construction area or in the mechanical area that provided a lot of good solid background so that I had a reasonable understanding of both the construction industry and kind of the mechanical aspect. That’s provided a lot of insight and a lot of good background to really help me be able to represent my clients. And specifically, the more that I can know and understand about what is going on with a particular case the better job I can do representing them.