Approach to Litigation

St. Paul, MN commercial litigation attorney Jeff Abrahamson talks about his overall approach to litigation and his philosophy as a lawyer.

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When I started before I even became a lawyer, I interned back in central Minnesota where I’m from. And very early on some of the lawyers I worked with who’d been practicing for many years and they said if you’re going to be a litigator the first thing you need to do when you get a case in is you look at how can I win this case at trial? And so that’s really stuck with me. So when I first get a case and the first thing I need to start doing is I look at what evidence, what witnesses, what do I need to develop to actually bring that case to trial and have a successful result at trial. How am I going to develop that case and to develop the facts and evidence so that I can tell my clients story to the jury? And how can I make some very complex circumstances or sometimes very complex mechanical situations understandable to the everyday juror?

And so when I approach a case that’s the first thing that I do is to look at what do I need to do to take this case to trial? And part of that and a big part of that in my practice has been getting to know my client, getting to know what their business is, what they do, getting to know what their goals are not only in the case but also what their goals are in their industry. And then understand if it’s a mechanical case what their product is and how it works. If it’s a transportation case understand their industry and what they’re doing in their industry because the better that I understand my client, the better I know them the better I understand what their business is and how they operate and what their goals are the better job I can do to help them achieve those goals in the litigation.