What benefits are provided in a workers’ compensation claim?

Minneapolis workers’ compensation attorney, Dean Salita, explains how work comp does not pay for pain and suffering, but do pay for medical benefits for the rest of your life, wage loss benefits, permanent partial disability, and work with a QRC.

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I always start with this. Work Comp does not pay for pain and suffering. So we hear all this about pain and suffering. Work Comp, because of the no-fault part of it, doesn’t pay for pain and suffering, but they pay for four big-ticket items. They pay for medical benefits. And the important thing about that is that’s for the rest of your life if this claim is picked up or deemed to be related to work. So even if you’re not working anymore at the employer, you still have medical coverage. And it has some limitations to it because it’s a statutory system, but that’s the first thing. The first thing is medical. The second thing are wage-loss benefits. The third thing is Permanent Partial Disability, which is essentially what the pain and suffering equates to. It’s loss of function. And there’s a rating system. So if you blow your back out, you hurt your knee, you have a lung problem, there’s a grid that it gets put into. And the final part is vocational rehabilitation, which is a person called a QRC, a Qualified Rehabilitation Consultant. And that’s an individual who helps process getting back to work.