What is the team approach at Schmidt & Salita?

Minneapolis workers’ compensation attorney, Dean Salita, talks about working on cases in a collaborative effort with the rest of his teammates at the firm.

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It can sound kind of trite, a team approach, but we really pride ourselves on communication with each other. When a case comes into the office, we’ll all talk about it. The lawyers all discuss it. We discuss the facts. We discuss how the case is handled, and there’s a lot of communication. It’s easy for a lawyer or somebody has their lawyer and their secretary and their staff to take a file and kind of handle it on their own, but it’s really important to communicate, because different lawyers of different ages and different vintages and different backgrounds and different knowledge can all bring something to the case, as can our staff. Staff are human beings, and it’s people’s cases that come in, so it’s good to get everybody’s opinion on it. And the team approach really works that way, so it’s not just team approach with filing and with drafting paperwork. It’s a team approach in we all talk about things so we all try to know our clients. The whole office tends to know almost every client.