Why are you excited to have Joshua Laabs on the Schmidt & Salita team?

Minneapolis workers’ compensation attorney, Dean Salita, talks about why he hired Joshua Laabs onto the team and the amount of value he brings.

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So I’ve always been with firms where it’s been myself and just another individual, and I never thought I’d be hiring anybody. Not that you don’t wanna hire anybody, but I’m a guy that takes on and does it myself. Well I met Josh several years ago. I was very impressed with him – very bright, very articulate, hard-working lawyer. I asked him to do some case law updates for one of the seminars I was doing, and I was blown away by him, and not just that, as I got to know him, talking with him, his personality. So when the time came that I knew we needed somebody around here and Josh is a well-versed human being in the law in terms of work comp and personal injury, which I do and our office does, but I just knew he’d be a good fit. Even more on top of it, I’m so pleased with Josh as a human being. I consider him a friend here. He comes from a background of caring and helping. Between he and his wife and his family and even the background that led him to law school, dealing with autistic kids and teaching, he’s a well-read individual. He knows culture. He knows human beings, and he’s just got a great personality. So I’m pleased, once again, to have not just Josh on, but Josh as part of the team approach as well.