How can I prove that my cancer is work related?

Minneapolis workers’ compensation attorney, Dean Salita, explains how to demonstrate that a person’s cancer was caused by a work-related exposure or incident.

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Unfortunately, cancer is becoming – or seems to be becoming more and more prevalent these days in every aspect of our existence. And it is in the workforce as well. There are more chemicals, there is more exposure. And often times it seems like our generation is coming down with more cancer than in past generations. There are doctors who will say some of these chemicals and some of the exposures are work related, and that work, whether it’s in a factory, whether it’s in buildings, whether it’s working with specific chemicals, whether it’s a combination of chemicals, are unfortunately causing cancer from work exposures. I do a lot of that kind of work, and I think a lot of people hear the word cancer and they don’t obviously think that this could be work related. But I’ve had many clients come to me and say, “I did X, Y, and Z work.” And there’s study after study out there that show that – these studies and the medical literature shows that they’re work related or work has a play in them. And if that’s the case, then work – if work is a substantial contributing factor. Work does not have to be the only factor. So if it’s a factor in this, then they have a right to bring a Workers’ Compensation claim.